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Discover Youlaser

  • 1540 nm and CO2 10600 nm combined with Quanta Mixed Technology®

  • State of the Art Fractional Scanner handpiece with glass touch screen

  • Multi-application fields: Surgical, Fractional 

  • Powerful and fast Solid State RF pumped CO2 laser

  • Solid State no maintenance GaAs laser

  • OptiScan Technology for the complete tunability of the treatment parameters

  • OptiSim simulator to estimate the effect of lasers on the skin



The New Reference Laser for Anti-Aging and Beyond

The Device at a Glance

First and Innovative CO2 10600 – GaAs 1540 nm dual laser on the market using Quanta System’s exclusive Quanta Mixed Technology® to establish treatment synergies between the lasers.

Aged Skin with wrinkles and pigmentations, as well as skin with scars or the vaginal mucosal atrophy can be treated efficiently for advanced results with minimal or no down-time for the patients.

Quanta Mixed Technology®

Youlaser MT can deliver 1540 nm and 10600 nm lasers coaxially in the same micro-dot with sequential or simultaneous emissions to get a tunable balance of ablative and non-ablative effects and offer new and safe treatment standards to the patients.

Surgical Handpieces

Surgical handpieces to perform plastic and dermatological procedures with different spot dimensions to guarantee the most complete range of procedures.


OptiScan is the most complete and innovative tool on the market allowing the complete tunability of the treatment’s parameters. This configuration also enables the use of the OptiSim function able to estimate the depth and density of the treatment at specific parameters for the maximum precision of the treatment.

Skin Resurfacing
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 18-07-43 Youlaser Family - Aesthetic & Cosmetic Lasers Quanta Sys
Scar & Acne Scars
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 18-07-35 Youlaser Family - Aesthetic & Cosmetic Lasers Quanta Sys

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