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Dual Mode CO2 Resurfacing Laser



Julie Ann Woodward MD, USA

"We use the eCO2 for all of our cosmetic laser resurfacing and the incisional handpiece for all of the blepharoplasty procedures at the Duke Cosmetic Center. The eCO2 has had a tremendous positive impact on my practice. Patients want to know they can have the most up to date technology available and the fractional handpiece really provides that.

All of our patients have been very happy with their laser resurfacing. It is one of my favorite procedures because it is dramatic and patients can see such a great difference in comparison to other technologies where you have to prepare the patients for more subtle results.

I would highly recommend the eCO2 to my peers and a few that have purchased the system have been very happy with it so far."

Melanie Palm, MD, USA

"Patient feedback has been really outstanding with the eCO2 system... It's become a huge referral source... It's a true testament to the work the eCO2 can do.

It really ranks among the top CO2 devices here in the United States."

Melanie Palm, MD, USA

"I really feel like it stands among the best. Features that set it apart; its usability; it are really easy to dial in [parameters]. It has a Static Mode that I typically use to treat the entire face or surface area that I am treating. Then it has this wonderful Dynamic Mode too that you can use to feather and paint edges so you do not have clear lines of demarcation. I found patient recovery is right on. Speed; in comparing it to other technologies that are fractionated CO2 devices, patients heal quickly and their results are outstanding."

Kateryn Pérez Willis, MD, Perú

"eCO2 made me believe in Fractional Laser Therapy with its amazing results from the first session and seeing my patients happy is the best reward I can get."

David Kent, MD, USA

"We tested Lutronic's eCO2 on over 1000 patients and experienced the highest satisfaction among patients and physicians, as well as exceptional results."

Jacob Steiger, MD, USA

"We are starting to see incredible results from our new Lutronic eCO2 Premium laser. All of our patients have been thrilled with their treatment and results. The eCO2 laser combines the benefits of CO2 laser technology with the benefits of limited healing time of fractionated technology. In addition, our CO2 laser is very versatile so that I am able to alter the settings in order to achieve the most desirable results."

David Vasily, MD, USA

"The laser is efficient, fast and stable. For example, we can do scar cases on the spot as part of our daily patient flow. In a busy practice like ours, time really is money. We haven’t had any service issues either.”

“The way the [eCO2] pulses are delivered optimizes the distance between spots to reduce the risk of collateral heating. Since this technology is so refined, the micro zones of ablation and the areas of thermal effect are perfectly proportioned."

Farhan Taghizadeh, MD, USA

"The eCO2 device has one of the best interactive touch screens of any device I’ve ever seen, incredibly intuitive and innovative. With eCO2 you can adjust spot size, energy, density of microwounds, easily move between static and dynamic modes, and more."

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, USA

"Patient tolerance of treatment has been easy to manage,’ Dr Ibrahimi said. ‘And the forced air cooling provides an additional layer of comfort. I see eCO2 setting the standard for fractional CO2 in terms of versatility, safety, and reliability.

The CO2 laser is a valuable part of any practice performing laser procedures. I would recommend that the physicians ask themselves what types of treatments their patient population is expected to request. One of the nice things about eCO2 is that is allows one to perform both fractional and fully ablative resurfacing treatments without any expendable tips. I have found this utility and versatility adds value to my practice. Consider also what the company offers in terms of corporate philosophy, as well as support and training. In my experience, Lutronic has been nothing short of wonderful."


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